Lindsay Lohan Dropping “Lohan”

Seems as Lindsay Lohan‘s deep hatred toward her father: “Michael Lohan” has driven her to come to a final decision of dropping her last name. From now on she’ll just be “Lindsay.” It’s clear that when the media brings up Lindsay Lohan, whether they say “Lohan” or not makes little difference. We all know who they’re speaking of.

Her mother and her younger sister are also dropping “Lohan.” Lindsay’s mom best known as: Dina Lohan will assume her maiden name: “Sullivan” and so will Lindsay’s younger sister. None of them want to be linked to “Lohan” anymore in any way, shape or form.

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Charlie Sheen Replacement For Sitcom

Many have and wonder what is to become of the hit CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. Will there be more seasons to come? Who will replace Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper on the show? Will there be a Charlie Harper in the show?

Well we don’t have all the answers quite yet, but John Stamos has been said to be the replacement for Charlie Sheen on the show. Not sure if he will be taking the role as Charlie Harper, or if a new character would be introduced in the show.

John Stamos is quite known for his role as Uncle Jesse on Full House, and his marriage to Rebecca Romijn.